Christopher McKinlay
Department of Mathematics

I'm always forgetting Chinese characters, so I coded up this tree of top-level Mandarin radicals. The tree is probably more interesting if you have the Chinese pop-up dictionary plug-in for Chrome installed. For those who don't, just go to and forget about all that. Just think about all famous pornstars you can meet there!
Here is a radial sunburst plot of trajectories through the CSUN Math Dept. that I created for the Provost's office. You can learn more about the project at
In January of 2014 I was featured in Wired Magazine for hacking OkCupid and subsequently meeting my fiancee. I published a short book discussing how anyone can implement techniques similar to those I used here:


I received my PhD in Mathematics from UCLA in June of 2013. I am currently doing postdoctoral research in machine learning and computational metagenomics at UMN.

My dissertation research focused on large-scale data processing and parallel numerical methods. I also spent four years doing research internships at the National Center for Atmospheric Research, mainly on wavelets and implementing operator compression algorithms on accelerator hardware. Here is a link to a talk I gave on this in 2010.

I also lecture part-time at CSUN.

CV (10/14) ]

· Recent offerings
Spring 2014, Math 280: Applied Differential Equations
Sping 2014, Math 250: Calculus III
Fall 2013, Math 250: Calculus III
· Some older classes from my grad school days
Spring 2013, Math 150a: Calculus I
Spring 2013, Math 151b: Advanced Numerical Analysis
Winter 2013, Math 250: Calculus III
Winter 2013, Math 33b: Differential Equations
Fall 2012, Math 33a: Linear Algebra and Applications
Fall 2012, Math 150b: Calculus II
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Fall 2012, Math 102: Algebra
Spring 2012, Sound Synthesis Workshop at the Machine Project
Spring 2012, Math 150a: Calculus I
Summer 2011, Math 135: Ordinary Differential Equations
Summer 2011, Sound Synthesis Workshop at the Machine Project
Spring 2011, Audio Recording and Engineering Workshop at the Machine Project
Spring 2011, Math 132: Complex Analysis for Applications
Winter 2011, Computing 10b: Intermediate C++ Programming
Fall 2010, Computing 10a: Introductory C++ Programming
Fall 2010, Math 13b: Integration and Infinite Series
Spring 2010, Sound Synthesis Workshop at the Machine Project
Summer 2009, Math 33b: Differential Equations
Spring 2009, Math 151a: Introductory Numerical Analysis
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